3 Steps to Creating Powerful Health

by Nicole Graves on May 13, 2014

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3 Steps to Creating Powerful Health


Disease, illness, and loss of vitality or energy can be reversed and cured. Your body can heal itself naturally! Many naturopaths and wellness coaches will tell you that there are 3 steps that should be taken to reclaim powerful health. In fact, Dr. Schulze, a famous naturopath, used to tell his patients:

“You can heal yourself of ANY disease of illness. All you have to do is: Stop doing what you did that made you sick, and START doing what will create powerful health.”

To reclaim your health follow these three steps:


  • Stop eating and start juice fasting immediately. If you are ill or simply lacking energy, then it is time to shift gears and begin flooding your body with fresh raw fruit and vegetable juice, water and herbal detox tea. Stop consuming what made you ill, sluggish and inflamed! Allow your body to rest and focus on repair. Ironically, most animals instinctively KNOW to stop eating when they aren’t feeling their best. Take heed and stop eating. Flood your body with phytonutrients, minerals, enzymes that are life-giving.
  • Channel positive energy. Nothing positive ever happens when you are thinking negative thoughts. Your thoughts guide your life and you need to speak life and positive affirmations into your existence. There is NO ROOM for negative thinking in your healing process. Create a healthy lifestyle and environment for your body to heal itself. 
  • Detox your body. It is important to BOTH flood your body with healing nutrients and detoxify your body. The accumulated toxic waste in your body causes blockage, breakdown, and stress, which results in illness and disease. You must cleanse waste, toxins, poisons, and chemicals out of your system to reclaim powerful health and vitality.


Know that it is never hopeless. You can reclaim your health and vitality. My Green & Lean 7-day Juice Detox eBook will be released May 21! In the e-book, I provide detailed steps on how to flood your body with nutrients, and I review several detoxification methods to promote healing and overall wellness. If you feel well, it’s an excellent 7-day detox to reset your body and lose weight. The 7-day detox will begin after the Memorial Day holiday. Join me in my small group online coaching for additional support!


Go to your Destiny,

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