6 Things You Should Do If You Experience a Health Scare

by Nicole Graves on February 19, 2015

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6 Things You Should Do If You Experience a Health Scare

Getting unexpected news from the doctor can literally leave your head spinning.    Sometimes it’s best to take a deep breath and take a step back to process all of the information before making a decision about your health.   If you determine that traditional medical treatment is not for you, here are some tips to help heal your body, improve your health, and rid your body of disease.

  1. Stop doing the unhealthy things that originally compromised your health. If you have unhealthy habits, this is your wake up call.  Now is the time to break the habit.  Be laser focused on getting healthy as well as everything that is good for your body.  This mindset shift can possibly slow down the progression of your health condition. You are creating a new environment in which disease can no longer thrive. 


  1. Eat nutrient-packed foods that nourish the body. Avoid food that promotes inflammation, weakens the immune system, and causes blockages.  If you are seriously ill, jump start the healing process by shocking the body and flushing your system with raw fresh juices by doing a juice cleanse. When you are ill, it’s critical to consume living foods!  If you are eating, make sure your food is organic, raw,  and nutrient dense. Flood the body with nutrient dense super foods, organic fruit and vegetables and juices, healing herbs, plenty of raw leafy greens and cooked plant-based meals.  It’s important to avoid all processed foods. Nutrient-rich foods create powerful health, are packed with vitamins and minerals, prevent disease, and promote healing.


  1. Cleanse the colon. The renowned healer Dr. Schulze says:  “blockage is the root of all disease.”   Even if you are battling an ailment that is unrelated to the colon,  it is still critical to cleanse the colon of  toxic build up that is causing your system to be sluggish and weak.  Any blockage weakens the immune system and slowly poisons your body. 


  1. Daily movement. Exercise and daily movement are key to healing and healthy living.  Although you may not feel up to exercise, it is critical to at least walk or rebound to keep the lymphatic system stimulated and the circulatory system pumping.    Disease cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.


  1. Get adequate sleep. Sleep is critical component of the healing process.  While we sleep, the body rebuilds.  Lack of sleep leads to a break down.  Sleep is food for your body. 



  1. Maintain a clear and positive mind. Avoid all negativity and negative people.  You MUST have a POSITIVE mind to heal the body.  Negativity causes stress and damages the healing environment that we are working hard to create.  Positivity is healthy food for your body; it boosts the immune system and lifts the spirit. 


Go to your destiny,




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