5 Easy Ways to Detox Naturally Every Day

by Nicole Graves on September 8, 2014

healthy life 5 Easy Ways to Detox Naturally Every Day

5 Easy Ways to Detox Naturally Every Day


Detoxing doesn’t always have to be a big production that requires you to shop for supplies and set aside 30 minutes a day to prepare juices or take several cleansing pills each day.  You can detox your body naturally every day.  Here’s 5 easy ways to detox your body naturally.

Drink juice. Drink at minimum of one glass of fresh juice every day.  There is no better way to deliver raw living nutrients directly to your body.  Your body absorbs nature’s vitamins almost immediately. Don’t forget to drink juice on an empty stomach for maximum absorption and make sure you use a variety of fruits and vegetables to take advantage of all the benefits of different phytonutrients. 

Exercise.  Physical activity not only keeps muscles strong and lean, your heart healthy, and improves your overall appearance, but it is a critical part of the whole detoxification process.  Exercise gets the lymphatic system pumping which removes cellular waste out of your body. A sluggish lymphatic system causes illness, bloating, and swelling.  Additionally, when you sweat the body excretes toxins through the pores.  So get on up on move!  

Lemon water.  Many people fail to realize how important it is to drink water EVERYDAY. You should drink half your body weight in ounces daily to flush fat and toxins from the body.  Lemon water detoxes the body even more!  It’s great for the skin, promotes weight loss, flushes the liver and kidneys and will flatten the tummy.  Warm lemon water is the best way to start the morning.  I include fresh lemon in my water throughout the day. 

Eat whole raw foods. Get off of the processed food merry-go round!  Whole raw foods are the best way to nourish your cells and get an adequate fiber to maintain a healthy and clean colon.  Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are filling and are non-toxic.  There are no additional chemicals, additives or preservatives. Your body will feel lighter, and will work more efficiently. .  

Clear the mind.
Stress weakens the immune system and allows disease to flourish in the body.  Get involved in activity that speaks to your soul and your mental health.  Yoga and meditation are excellent way slow down, clear the mind and balance daily stresses.  

Incorporate these 5 tips to detox naturally and your body will thank you!  


Go to your destiny,



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