Top 5 Mistakes of the Clueless Gardener

by Nicole Graves on August 22, 2014

Picture of a pumpkin plant in a container Top 5 Mistakes of the Clueless Gardener

Top 5 Mistakes of the Clueless Gardener

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you to give container gardening a shot.   I am really enjoying watching my plants grow, but it isn’t always love and roses out in the garden.  As a clueless gardener, I have made many mistakes that have probably cost me a couple of tasty vegetables.  I have my fingers crossed that I will reap something in the end.

Here are my Top 5 Mistakes that the Clueless Gardener is likely to make.  Take heed! 

  1. Planting too many seeds.  Yes, I am guilty of planting too many seeds.  I was so excited to get started and there were so many seeds in a pack I went overboard.   I am pretty sure that I planted too much stuff.  I made the mistake of dropping too many seeds in one hole which resulted in several sprouts developing.  Also, I just kept planting, and planting, and planting.  You get the idea.  I have a lot of the same plants and I need more buckets!!  Exercise  restraint.  Don’t go overboard like me!
  2. Failing to thin your plants.  My first mistake leads me to mistake #2.  Since I planted several seeds in one hole, and most or all successfully sprouted, I needed to thin out the plants.  Just in case you don’t know, thinning is pulling out smaller sprouts so that the stronger sprouts can thrive.     Well, I didn’t do that.  I read about thinning but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I felt like a plant killer.  The plant worked hard to break through the dirt.  I have since gotten over my thinning aversion and have plucked a few puny plants out of the dirt, but it was difficult for me. Thin your plants. Select the strongest sprouts. 
  3. Bad watering technique.  I have no problem watering my plants daily.  Sometimes twice a day in the heat.  I use an old school watering can that I just found lying around.  When I first started my garden, I wet the entire plant while watering.  Usually,  I let the water sprinkle everywhere on the leaves etc.  similar to when it rains. Well that is WRONG.  I couldn’t figure out why it looked like my bean plants were burning.  I discovered that you are just supposed to water at the bottom of the plant close to the dirt.  Don’t burn up your plants like me.  Good thing I have multiple plants icon smile Top 5 Mistakes of the Clueless Gardener
  4. Fertilizing your plants at the right time of day.  Some of my bean plants have grown a good bit and  I decided that they needed additional fertilizer (beyond what was already in the soil).  I bought a fertilizer that gets mixed with water and poured on the plants when watering. I made the mistake of fertilizing whenever I felt like it.  Fertilize before the sun is on full blast or you will end up with burnt plants.  And again, don’t wet the whole plant .
  5. Obsessing about the plants.  I enjoy watching the garden grow.  If I am home I check on the plants a minimum of 3 times a day.  Yes, that’s obsessive.  I just stare at them.  The plants are ok.  There’s no need to check on them like a stalker. 


Many of you may already know better and are thinking.. duh about the mistakes that I have made. I’m clueless and my garden is still thriving.  If I am able to grow something anyone can.  Try something new and just see what happens.


Go to your destiny,



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