The Secret Benefits of Ginger

by Nicole Graves on July 9, 2013

 The Secret Benefits of Ginger

Ginger fresh grated in a wooden spoon

Yesterday, my sister texted me asking what  fruits and vegetables she should buy to start juicing.   I made a couple of suggestions to her, and ended my recommendation list with one last item — ginger.  She replied “ginger, that’s random.” 

While it may seem like an unusual juicing choice, I use ginger practically EVERY day in my juicing routine.  Ginger is a spicy and refreshing addition to juice and is a powerful healing root that should be incorporated regularly.  In fact,  a thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger root could be all you need to juice daily to protect yourself from devastating disease, achieve your optimal weight, and help create an ageless appearance. 

Here are a couple of reasons why you should be juicing ginger:

  • Ginger contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols which makes it beneficial for those who have joint, muscle, and nerve aches and pain.
  • Ginger has incredible immune-boosting and germ fighting abilities
  • Ginger aids in digestion
  • Ginger eases nausea, morning sickness,  and motion sickness by relaxing and soothing the intestinal tract
  • Ginger can help with respiratory ailments
  • Ginger stimulates circulation
  • Ginger is known to boost metabolism, promote weight loss and reduce the appearanceof cellulite  
  • Ginger is a natural anti-histamine and can be used to alleviate allergies
  • Ginger is a potent cancer fighter
  • Ginger is excellent for detoxification; it warms the body and helps promote healthy sweating


Fresh ginger is best;  its the most potent way to receive its health benefits.  When just starting out, use ginger sparingly, so the flavor doesn’t overpower your juice.  It is delicious when juiced and combined with warm water and honey to make a wonderful immune boosting tea. 


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