OMG I Have Beeturia!

by Nicole Graves on July 11, 2013

bunch of beets

OMG I Have Beeturia!

Have you ever had a tasty glass of beet juice, and shortly after used the restroom only to think you are dying because your urine is red?  That’s beeturia!

The truth is few people see a change in urine color.  For most people, the pigments from the beneficial phytochemicals in beets, get washed away due to the acidity in the stomach.  However, beeturia is a condition that occurs to about 10-15% of adults where the urine turns red after consuming beets.  While beeturia is typically harmless and temporary, it can be an indicator of poor digestive health, iron deficiency and poor absorption.   

Don’t worry!  The health benefits of beets outweigh the side effects.  Beets are high in antioxidants, help reduce blood pressure, help prevent blood clots, are low in fat, and are rich in vitamins and are powerful detoxifiers.  

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