Don’t Put Yourself in a Box

by Nicole Graves on October 31, 2014

cardboard box

Don’t Put Yourself in a Box


I just needed to share something that has been on my mind today.  It’s something that I have struggled with, and can be a source of stagnation if you don’t shake it…. 


It’s easy to box yourself in, but you can get out. 


Boxes confine. Boxes suffocate.  Boxes can’t move independently.  Boxes fold.

I’m guilty.  I have lived in a box for most of my life.  I’ve stayed there out of fear that things on the outside were just things I couldn’t do. HoweverI’ve recently discovered that despite what others think or say, I can be an author, an expert, a coach, a motivator, a teacher, a social media expert, a chef, and a whole host of other things.


Guess what? I can do or be whatever I choose. Yes, it has taken me all these years to FULLY internalize that.


Create your own life instead of just conforming to it.  This life is yours to own, to chisel, to mold.  


You make the rules.



Stop keeping yourself small and balled up just to fit inside of the box. 


Break out. 


Go to your destiny,


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