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I  am looking for contributing writers that have a passion for physical and mental health, wellness, nutrition,  personal development, motivation, and even a little business. I feel that when people are writing about topics that they are passionate about they’re living a life more linked with who they are at the core–I would like to facilitate that.

No matter if you’re a seasoned writing pro or if you are simply passionate and dedicated to helping indivduals live a sweet life I’d love to share you work!

Top Reasons You Should Become a Contributor


  1. Boosts your visibility

  2. Positions you as an expert

  3. Gives you access to large audience on an established platform

  4. Establishes credibility by partnering with a frequently visited health and wellness resource 

  5. Amplifies awareness and recognition of your brand

  6. Increases traffic to your website and social media profiles


Here’s How it Works

  1. Submit one original exclusive piece of content for approval (see submission guidelines below).
  2. I will review your submission within 48 hours, and will notify you if any edits are required on your part.
  3. Once approved, your article will be scheduled to be published.
  4. I ask that you share your post on Twitter, Facebook,  and any other social media networks. This extend the reach of your post!
  5. You can submit additional articles if you are interested in posting multiple times. 


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Submission Guidelines

  1. All articles must be original, exclusive content. Content should not have been previously published, and cannot be published anywhere else online for a period of 90 days.
  2. After 90 days, content may be published on your website or blog, provided you link to the original article, and include this statement with the content: This post originally appeared on, where I am a contributing writer.
  3. Each article must be at least 250 words in length, and should generally not exceed 700 words. Longer articles are okay too, but tend not to perform as well. Videos are welcomed.
  4. Articles may not contain any personal promotion, marketing of your services, products, opportunities, websites, events, or other self-promotional activities. You will submit a self-promotional bio, with links to your website and social media accounts that will appear on every one of your posts.
  5. All articles are subject to final approval. I reserve the right to edit and revise all content submitted to