How to Break a Juice Fast in 3 Easy Steps

by Nicole Graves on February 12, 2015

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How to Break a Juice Fast in 3 Easy Steps

Breaking a fast and transitioning back to eating food is a critical part of fasting; a good ending is the key to lasting success.  In fact, if you break your juice fast the wrong way, you can undo some of the healing work that has taken place during the fast AND you can trigger some adverse reactions.

First, it is important to remember that your goal is not to pick up where you left off by eating your old favorites.  You just completed hard work killing cravings and breaking addictions!  Post-fast you will establish a “new normal” way of eating.  Your new eating habits will be easier to maintain since your body is already programmed and is craving raw fruits and veggies post-fast.


The 3 stages to breaking your juice fast are important:

Stage 1The body can only handle simple meals. Fruit-based  mono-meals make the transition easiest.plate of fruit

  • Continue to drink fresh juice and drink simple smoothies;
  • Maintain your water intake and include coconut water into your menu;
  • Eat some high-water content fruits and vegetables;
  • Everything should still be raw, unprocessed, and oil free.

You should not have dairy, meat, or processed foods during this phase.





Stage 2:  In stage 2, the digestive system is still fragile and is still  not ready for heavy foods.spinach and strawberry salad on a plate

  • Continue to eat the phase one fruits and vegetables;
  • Add more fibrous fruits and vegetables i.e. leafy greens, berries, etc.;
  • Towards the end of stage 2 you can add some seeds, nuts, and nut milks in moderation;
  • Avoid meats, dairy, oils, and processed foods.






Stage 3– In this stage you are transitioning back to your normal diet.  However, you have established a “new normal” way of eating.

  • Avoid processed foods, keep dairy to a minimum or eliminate altogether, avoid greasy foods;
  • Avoid sugars and high fat foods. Your body is no longer craving them;
  • Continue to drink juice. It should be part of your daily routine;
  • Continue with a diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds;
  • Keep fish and meat to a minimum or eliminate them from your diet altogether if you desire.healthy vegetable sandwich


For more detailed information about how to break a juice fast to keep bad habits at bay as well as discussion about the specific length of time associated with each phase grab my Green and Lean e-book for detailed post-fast instructions. 


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