Blockage, Disease, and Detoxing

by Nicole Graves on May 15, 2014

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Blockage, Disease, and Detoxing

“BLOCKAGE—Physical, Emotional and Spiritual—
is the cause of ALL DIS-EASE.” –Dr. Schulze

What is blockage?

When the body isn’t functioning at its peak, accumulated waste, toxins, chemicals, acid, and mucous builds up making the body sluggish, weak, and sick. The waste that does not exit the body through proper channels and remains trapped inside causing blockages.  As Dr. Schulze says, blockage is the root of all disease.   

Different types of blockages promotes disease and illness in different areas of the body. 

Blood Blockage.  When the blood is blocked, it results in the number 1 disease in America–Heart Attack. Blood vessels become blocked with fat, cholesterol, and other waste, which clogs the arteries and impedes blood flow.  

Lymph blockage. Swollen and infected lymph nodes are associated with cancer.  The Lymphatic system drains waste and fluids and transports disease fighting cells to where they are needed.    When the lymphatic system is blocked, your immune system is weakened.

Liver Blockage.  Liver blockage can occur from a high-fat diet and overexposure to toxic chemicals.  Once the liver is blocked it is no longer able to clean your blood, which is also linked to cancer.

Elimination Organ Blockage.  When the main elimination organs become blocked, waste builds up in many areas of the body.  This can affect the brain and is linked to many brain related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.  

A juice detox is  a cleansing and detox program that flushes the ENTIRE system and unblocks your body by removing waste.  Unblocking your body allows the blood, lymph, cells, oxygen and nutrition to flow FREELY into the ailing areas to begin healing the body.

Take care of your body and create powerful health!

Go to your destiny,


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