About Nicole Graves & The Sweeter the Juice, LLC

Nicole Graves:  Avid Juicer…Health Coach… Happy Mother of Four…and Wife!

Nicole’s motto is “The sweeter the juice…the sweeter the life”

Being passionate about juicing and the amazing health benefits, Nicole has made it her mission to help others use this approach to improve not just their body but their entire wellbeing (mind, body and spirit).

Fueled by her own strong family values and a desire to promote health and wellness through juicing, she founded the Sweeter the Juice LLC, where she aims to teach, mentor and motivate people to live a healthier, more enriching lifestyle.

Nicole’s Juicing Journey…

For Nicole, it started with a challenge.  After watching the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, she came to the realization that she’d better pay more attention to her health and the health of her family. So… she decided to challenge herself to a 15 day juice fast.  But midway through, something interesting started to happen. She found herself with a renewed sense of energy, a noticeably slimmer body, healthier food cravings and a more determined and intentional approach to her workout routine.

Before she knew it…her whole lifestyle had changed and…

Nicole, the Avid Juicer was born

It was through that experience along with her heartfelt desire to help people improve their lifestyle, that Nicole became committed to sharing the benefits of juicing with others so they too could make similar changes in their lives.

Known for her ability to integrate juicing into even the most hectic lifestyles, Nicole has become the “GO TO” expert among those looking to improve their health. Her clients are most appreciative for her ability to inspire, motivate and help them increase their energy, lose excess weight, heal themselves of aches and pains and even change their overall eating and fitness habits.

Heading towards your destiny….

From the amazing health benefits of juicing to the importance of taking a holistic approach to a prosperous lifestyle, The Sweeter the Juice LLC, provides value beyond its name. Nicole uses this site along with her Social Media platforms to provide the knowledge, inspiration and motivation for people to transform their lives and move towards their destiny. She shares information on the benefits of juicing, offers tips and recipes and provides daily words of encouragement and guidance on all that’s related to health, wellness and an improved lifestyle.

She goes to great lengths to make sure her coaching clients get the best bang for their buck by creating and sharing juicing recipes that are not only top of the line and practical but incredibly nutritious and… delicious too.

As her motto goes “the sweeter the juice…the sweeter the life”

Now, let’s Juice!

Other Juicy Facts About Nicole….

She has a BA in economics; graduate level studies in Public Administration and is currently completing her certification in health coaching.

When she’s not working her full time career, helping others through mentoring and coaching or creating new juicing recipes; she is busy spending time with her hubby and cheering on her girls in basketball, cheerleading, reading club, girl scouts, and tumbling.