5 Reasons to Juice Blueberries Every Day

by Nicole Graves on July 15, 2015

Glass with Blueberry Juice and fresh fruits (close-up shot)

5 Reasons to Juice Blueberries Every Day


Blueberries are miniature powerhouse fruits that you can juice or blend for an added health boost. They are among the superfoods in the fruit and vegetable kingdom.  Here’s 5 reasons to juice blueberries every day!

1.  Blueberries Can Help Muscles Recover Faster After Vigorous Exercise:

Soreness after intense exercise is normal.    Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) after a tough workout causes temporary muscle soreness and inflammation.   The body can heal itself, but antioxidants can help speed up recovery.  Research has shown that the antioxidant compounds found in blueberries may help prevent or minimize temporary muscle damage. The high levels of anthocyanins may help protect skeletal muscles during strenuous physical activity. Juice, blend, or eat blueberries before and after strenuous exercise.


2.  Blueberries Are Antioxidant-Rich:

The blueberry has one of the highest capacities to neutralize free radicals that damage cells and cause aging and disease.  The higher a food is in antioxidant capacity the better it is for your health.  Opt for organic or wild blueberries they have higher levels of antioxidants!


3. Blueberries Are Helpful at Helping Prevent Heart Disease:

Blueberries are packed with compounds called anthocyanins.  These compounds give blueberries the rich bluish-purple hue.  Blueberries have the ability to repair tissues and cells, strengthen the circulatory system, and  sharpen and keep the immune system strong.

4. Blueberries Can Help Protect the Brain:

Here’s the rule of thumb: the more antioxidants a plant has, the better it is at fighting inflammation and oxidation.  Inflammation can accelerate the brain’s aging process and can diminish brain function.  There have been scientific studies showing  elderly patients with slight cognitive impairment who drank blueberry juice every day. After 12 weeks, they experienced brain function improvements.


5. Blueberries Have A Low Glycemic Index:

Blueberries are also low in sugar, which makes them great for people with blood sugar concerns.  Since they’re lower on the Glycemic index, they don’t cause insulin levels to soar. A single cup of blueberries has anywhere from 12-15 grams of sugar.    No blood sugar spikes here!


Blueberries are yummy, relatively inexpensive, and freeze well.  Run out and juice some today!


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